What It Is: A lifestyle and fashion blog by Emily Schuman, full of all sorts of great posts on everything from fashion/beauty, to decor, to recipes, to work, to reflections on life with her husband and young daughter.

Why I Love It: I had always heard people talk about this blog, but didn’t start following regularly until a year or two ago.  I’ll be the first to admit that fashion-ish blogs aren’t usually my thing, but I feel like Emily is really down-to-earth, and posts about trendy things in a fun and helpful and accessible way.  Her beauty tutorials are also always fascinating and spot-on.  More than anything though (I’m realizing a theme here…), I love the posts when she shares about her husband, and all of the honest ups and downs of navigating life as a new mom.

Recommendations: All of her beauty tutorials/recommendations.  Her personal posts.  Her DIY projects.

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